Steve Wilson & Laura Lee Brown … Woodland Farm, Oldham County

Woodland Farm, Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown’s home east of Louisville overlooking the Ohio River, is the site of a treehouse constructed with fixtures from Architectural Salvage, and with wood harvested on-site in the farm’s forest. It was made for Wilson’s grandson Avery in 2009, and is fitted with solar powered lights, a gas stove, bunk beds and a bison rug.
Wilson designed and drew the plans himself. The main floor is 145 square feet in area, with an 80 square foot second-floor bedroom and an additional lookout deck of 120 square feet.

Avery’s reaction to the treehouse is evidenced in his responses to a few questions:
* What do you use the tree house for? Granddad and I have sleepovers, hang out and talk or cook lunch. It’s our place, and sometimes my sisters come over, or Kris (Kris Kelly is Wilson’s nephew and the farm manager).
* What is one of your favorite memories? One day we were cooking Spanish rice for lunch. I do all of the cooking and granddad helps. Kris came over, and we were just hanging out talking about the farm.
*How did the tree house come to be? Granddad and I both like cabins and tree houses, and he has a bunch of books about them. We like to look at the books together, and decided to build one of our own. Granddad designed it to look like a cabin, and it’s built with wood from the farm.
*Do you use it mostly in the summer? Granddad and I like to spend time there even more when it’s cool outside. There are lots of blankets inside and the stove makes it warm too.
Sounds perfect!

Woodland Farm is known for its Kentucky-raised bison products. This treehouse is so cool that I can’t wait to see what they’ll do with the new 21c hotel plans for Lexington.

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