Gatewood Arnold … Lexington, Fayette County

Gatewood Arnold has constructed a recreational mecca in the woods near his home in a rural section of eastern Fayette county. A zip line and treehouse, along with a rope bridge are well-used by his children Gatewood and Stapleton. The treehouse was built in two phases. Phase one was the zip line which was built as a surprise for son Gatewood’s 11th birthday party in 2009. The rope bridge and treehouse were built the following year, with his son’s help. All of the lumber came from an old barn that was on the property or trees on site from his forest. He notes, “In true treehouse fashion, we only had to purchase nails, bolts, zip line kit, a slide, and rope for the bridges. The windows and door on the treehouse were donated from another project. The tin roof on the treehouse was salvaged form the aforementioned barn. Also, we cut trails to the site and cleared as little as possible of the forest so the treehouse would be secluded in the woods.” It was such a success, that Arnold is now adding threehouses to his construction services at Gatewood Arnold Construction, Inc. in Lexington.

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