Lloyd and Terry Beagle … Lexington, Fayette County

This unique and colorful treehouse was built by Lloyd Beagle for his daughter Corinne’s 10th birthday in August, 2010. Painted in very bright, vivid colors which were chosen by Corinne and painted by both Beagles, the treehouse is 8 feet up from ground level, and measures 10 feet by 10 feet. It was designed to match child-sized comfort, yet still accommodate four adults easily.
Beagle writes, “The roof is light blue see-through plastic, which keeps out inclement weather, including UV rays, while still letting in light. During a rain, you can watch the rain drops hit the roof, run down, and then drip off the overhangs. The east side of the treehouse is a covered deck, allowing moon and star watching with our telescope.” There is also an open balcony overlooking the yard, with 3 double-hung operative windows. A dumb waiter for easy and safe lifting is made of recycled weight machine pulleys. A zip line is in the works, which will go approximately 50 feet from the treehouse to the porch on the Beagle’s home, which is about the same height.
Beagle had a lot of support in creating the treehouse. Corinne said that it’s not a treehouse if it has legs to the ground, so Lloyd designed the treehouse to “float” in the tree, supported by only four braces. He says, “I was fortunate to have good help on this treehouse, but it would not have been possible without the assistance of the best advisor, encourager, and all-around friend, my mother Willena Beagle. Corinne calls her Mamaw; I call her wonder woman.”
Beagle says he had no plans drawn out. Instead, the tree dictated the basic shape and Corinne’s imagination took over.
His list of must haves were:
1) safety
2) strong enough for one adult per child
3) fun for the one it is being built for
4) Corinne’s house, not mine
Some final thoughts from Lloyd Beagle: It was and continues to be a joy to all of us. Watching my daughter see and help build something provided me a feeling of gratification not often found. I did it for love and would do it again.

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One comment on “Lloyd and Terry Beagle … Lexington, Fayette County

  1. Tim Nelson says:

    Looks good. I haven’t seen the house since you painted it, colors are a reflection of you, bright and happy. Looking forward to trying out the zip line.

    Uncle Tim

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