Mitch & Victoria Hamm … West Chester, Ohio

Mitch Hamm, who is a graduate of the UK College of Engineering, did such a great job telling about the treehouse that he built for his daughter Trinity Maria that I am simply adding his explanation. He writes:
My daughter has a great treehouse and an interesting back story on how it came to be… This had been brewing for a couple of years. Little girls ask for stuff all the time: puppies, kitties, unicorns, swimming pools, cellphones, computers, and treehouses. Most of that stuff you can weasel out of easily (costs too much, unicorns bite, you’d lose it), but the treehouse resonated with me when she first asked a couple of years ago. I ALWAYS wanted a treehouse and never got one, or never got one that was much above a death trap. Fast forward to the Summer of 2008. She asked again, but I was in the middle of another big project (lawn sprinklers) and just didn’t have the time. I told her “maybe next year”. She said OK in that cheerful way and skipped off.
That Fall she asked again and I tried to be noncommittal, but then she offered to give me “all of her money”. I asked how much we were talking and she ran off and came back with $103. The C-note was from her Gramma Joyce Hamm in Somerset, and the $3 she won from me in a cheeseburger eating contest. Really!
I told her I would take her money and do some research. Not too long after that she bought me a book on treehouse design and in reading that it opened my mind to some possibilities and I also found one I really liked. It was in a book by David Stiles and was built by a guy down in Georgia named Ken Patty. Still, winter in Cincinnati is no time to build in the trees so on the backburner it went. Until June of 2009 when she came to me and said, “Daddy, when are you going to build my treehouse. You promised!” (Technically untrue, but I didn’t challenge.) I started my planning.
The problem I had was that I only had one picture. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could find this Ken Patty and pick his brain. So I did. It didn’t take long until I had an address and phone number and I even checked on Bing’s birds-eye view to make sure it was him. It was, I could see the treehouse from the aerial photo. I called, left a message and waited. About two weeks later I got a call from Mr. Patty. He had been at Boy Scout camp with his kids, but he was game to help and we had a long conversation. Additional photos of his treehouse followed and I went into the back yard to scope out a location.
You can see from the photo just how well the project turned out.

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