Steve & Jennifer Hanson … Lexington, Fayette County

This gorgeous pink treehouse belongs to 9-year old Grace Hanson. She spends a lot of time there with her friends, pets (dog, frogs, toads, turtles, chameleon and more) and neighbors. Gracie has always been interested in animals and the outdoors and that is the primary reason that the Hansons built the treehouse. She will spend large blocks of time in and around the treehouse with her various pets. When the Hansons initially built the structure, they installed a bucket and pulley so that it would make it easy for Gracie to get “things” up to her treehouse. It wasn’t long until her dog, Jake, and other pets were getting rides in the bucket! Needless to say, while she enjoyed it immensely, they were less than thrilled.
Gracie’s treehouse was jointly designed by Steve Hanson and Kurt Rose. Kurt’s company, Kurt Rose Construction, built the treehouse. It was built in early 2008. Gracie and her mom Jennifer picked the interior and exterior colors. Gracie picked the pink door.
Steve notes, “Our idea was to give Gracie several things to do in and around the treehouse so that she wouldn’t get bored with only a single activity.” The treehouse includes a sitting area around the large pecan tree, a sand box and swings. It can be accessed by stairs or a rope and climbing wall on the back of the pecan tree. It’s a perfect backyard hideaway.

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