Rhonda and John Mathis … Richmond, Madison County

Though not officially a treehouse per se, Rhonda wrote that her husband John built this treehouse at her request, using his own plans. It has 2 stories, electricity, cable tv hookups, hardwood floors, and wonderful views of Lake Wilgreen. .

Here is the treehouse story Rhonda sent, in her own words::

My husband, John, built our house in the trees at my request 3 years ago. I had been seeing articles about tree houses in magazines and as we had 5 grandchildren at that time, thought it would be a wonderful addition to our playground area. None of the walnut or locust trees surrounding it were suitable for use, so John decided to make it freestanding and elevated to get better views of Lake Wilgreen. He is a structural engineer and finds these types of projects great stress relievers (lucky me).
Our 2 sons and 2 sons-in-law were called into service during different parts of the construction and to me, those were my favorite times. I love when the family works together! We now have 7 grandchildren and another due in February. The grand kids actually love playing under the treehouse best. There is always a lot of dry dirt under there to dig and in general get filthy in. They look like Charlie Brown’s friend Pigpen when they’ve played under there. Kids nowadays just don’t do enough of that anymore.

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