Steve & Joy Roark McKeehan … Barbourville, Knox County

. Joy McKeehan’s dad Kennon Roark, who is Pastor at Salt Gum Baptist Church, built this treehouse for her 9 year old twin daughters Faith Nicole and Hope Elizabeth McKeehan. The families actually live next door to each other in Heidrick, which is about three miles from Barbourville. The treehouse is nestled in the trees, in a setting that is out in the country.
Faith and Hope helped their Papa build and design the house, which is 5 by 5 feet in area, and over 16 feet tall. It is a two story structure, with a ladder inside, a tin roof, porthole windows with others on the side, and a swinging door that closes and locks.
The treehouse was made to resemble the Kit Kittridge American Girl dollhouse. Joy writes, “The girls love to play store, dolls, restaurant, doctor, or whatever they like. They also enjoy just reading, but their imagination is pretty wide, so they also love to play jail, and more … you name it, they play it.” She tells a story abut one instance when they played doctor, used the 4-wheeler to pick up patients like and ambulance; the first floor was to check in, and then they went upstairs to see the doctor and have surgery! What do the girls say?
* Faith: I love the upstairs of my tree house to look out and see my patients that come to have surgery.
* Hope: I love playing in my tree house that my Papa built me. My job is to check in the patients. I also like to hang my doll’s laundry on my window.
Sounds like a great, fun time!

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